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The Brief

Cascade HR are a leading HR software company who were looking to improve organic visibility, with particular focus on the main industry keyword – “HR Software”. Given the competitive nature of this industry, it was evident that only by earning links from high authority sites would we move the dial on this key target term. Having been penalised in the past from using low quality links, Cascade were keen to earn links with genuine editorial endorsement.

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The Strategy

We took a content-led approach by creating a thought-provoking industry whitepaper looking in detail at stress levels in the workplace. By taking this approach we ensured we would be able to appeal and reach out to the exact B2B publications that their target audience would be reading. The whitepaper provided the opportunity to create three individual press release campaigns, each focusing on a different aspect of the report’s findings.

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The Results

In total we delivered 44 pieces of coverage (including 40 links), with an average Domain Authority of 33. Highlights included coverage in, Daily Express, Recruitment International, Employee Benefits, Workplace Insight, Personnel Today, & HR News

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