Getting involved in public speaking and choosing a topic to speak about

I’m a big believer in continuing one’s own personal development and I think the sign of a good boss, and a good workplace, is a dedication to this. We are always encouraged to take this seriously and we regularly go to conferences to learn new methodologies, cement our current understanding and meet like-minded marketers and SEOs.… Read the rest

Social Meowdia Explained

5 Content Tips I Learned At Brighton SEO

Social Meowdia Explained

Brighton SEO is a digital marketing conference held twice a year. The conference has grown from a conversation in a pub about some SEOs getting together to the biggest conference of its kind in the UK. I, along with several of my colleagues, recently attended for the third time, hoping to boost our digital marketing skills and learn new ways of working.… Read the rest

Need for Speed: Our Page Speed Optimization Tips

Because no one likes waiting around. In this blogpost I am going to talk through Google PageSpeed Insights. I will discuss the new page speed indicator and best practices for optimization.

Ready? … Set … GO!

The New Page Speed Indicator

Page Speed is measured using the Chrome User Experience report database.Read the rest

Working in a Digital Marketing Agency

The Benefits of an Apprenticeship in a Digital Marketing Agency

Recently, my fellow apprentice, James, wrote a blog on digital marketing apprenticeships. With an increasing number of young people choosing apprenticeships over higher education, I wanted to share my first-hand experience and explain the many benefits of a digital marketing apprenticeship.Read the rest

Facebook Audiences

Facebook 101: Audience Targeting Basics

Maximising  ad visibility within a targeted audience is a crucial aspect of social media advertising. However, with so many users to potentially advertise to, how do you decide which cohorts of users to target? In theory, a Facebook advertising campaign has the power to reach 1 in 3 people – so hardly very targeted.Read the rest

Making The Most Of The Google Display Network

Despite the continued dominance of Google within the world of PPC, it continually surprises me how little the Display Network is used as part of a holistic paid strategy.

Seemingly viewed by many -if at all- as a throwaway, bolt-on campaign for retargeting; the Display Network has the capability to be so much more.Read the rest

Supercharged Rankbrain Content (the rise of medium tail)

Rankbrain does what Hummingbird was supposed to do. Hummingbird itself replaced Caffeine. And Caffeine was built on the success of two other … OK I’ll stop. The point is that Google has a long history of rolling out algorithm updates that ‘promote or punish’ when it comes to content.… Read the rest


Disavowing the “Globe” network of sites

We conduct a lot of link profile management for our clients either as part of our SEO activity or as a one-off for agencies (via our Partner Programme) and SEO / marketing managers around the world.

One of the most common network of spam sites we see is part of what we call “The Globe Network”.… Read the rest

Digital Apprenticeships – Going From Today’s Youth To Tomorrow’s Digital Marketers

Here at Marketing Signals, there are two younger members of staff completing an apprenticeship in digital marketing, myself being one them. With the new academic year about to start and a lot of school/college leavers continuing their education into University or Sixth Form, perhaps it’s time you thought about the next step in your career?… Read the rest

Is Your Business Taking Advantage of Instagram Stories?

With over 1 billion active users, Instagram is a social platform to be reckoned with. In the past year Instagram has launched some pretty cool features for business accounts including access to user analytics, paid partnership tools and additional features on Instagram stories – such as the swipe up function – that personal accounts cannot currently access.… Read the rest