Supercharged Rankbrain Content (the rise of medium tail)

Rankbrain does what Hummingbird was supposed to do. Hummingbird itself replaced Caffeine. And Caffeine was built on the success of two other … OK I’ll stop. The point is that Google has a long history of rolling out algorithm updates that ‘promote or punish’ when it comes to content.… Read the rest


Disavowing the “Globe” network of sites

We conduct a lot of link profile management for our clients either as part of our SEO activity or as a one-off for agencies (via our Partner Programme) and SEO / marketing managers around the world.

One of the most common network of spam sites we see is part of what we call “The Globe Network”.… Read the rest

Digital Apprenticeships – Going From Today’s Youth To Tomorrow’s Digital Marketers

Here at Marketing Signals, there are two younger members of staff completing an apprenticeship in digital marketing, myself being one them. With the new academic year about to start and a lot of school/college leavers continuing their education into University or Sixth Form, perhaps it’s time you thought about the next step in your career?… Read the rest

Is Your Business Taking Advantage of Instagram Stories?

With over 1 billion active users, Instagram is a social platform to be reckoned with. In the past year Instagram has launched some pretty cool features for business accounts including access to user analytics, paid partnership tools and additional features on Instagram stories – such as the swipe up function – that personal accounts cannot currently access.… Read the rest

Getting sh*t done – How to get a dev team to implement your SEO recommendations

In its simplest form, at a macro level, SEO can be broadly divided into two composite parts: link building/off-page work and on-page/technical changes. Often, when working with a medium or large organisation, the client will already have a development team in place who are responsible for making the technical on-page changes to the website.… Read the rest

So You Wanna Make A Sandwich? Why Digital PR is NOT the New Link Building

When you want a sandwich, how do you make it? What are your main ingredients? Bread and filling, surely? Link Building is the bread and good content is the filling in this SEO-Strategy sandwich metaphor. “What about the butter?” I hear you cry!… Read the rest

GDPR And Outreach: Why It’s Not All Doom And Gloom

For the majority of us SEOs, links are a very important part of our job. Of course, link-building itself comes in many different forms. For some, link-building comes via PR campaigns, for others links are part of a blogger outreach campaign (we do both here at MS).… Read the rest

Facebook Campaigns Top Tips

Top Tips For Creating A Facebook Advertising Campaign

Step 1. Set Goals For Facebook Ads

Before diving in and creating a bunch of Facebook Ads, take the time to establish realistic goals. The success of any campaign may then be measured against these desired outcomes.

Goals may include:

  • Generate New Leads
  • Boosted User Engagement
  • Increased Brand Awareness
  • Increased Landing Page Traffic
  • Generate ‘Business Event’ Awareness

The value of outlining a series of campaign objectives not only includes creating a checklist against which future success may be measured, but also allows project leaders to employ and manipulate best-fit strategies that will help towards achieving these goals.Read the rest

Google Adwords Logo

Advance Adwords Account Set Up Techniques

There are many different components that go into building a successful AdWords campaign. These include planning the account structure, choosing the right keywords, and writing new ad copy. However, these are really just the requisite tasks that should be done as an minimum.… Read the rest

My Marketing Signals Anniversary


Today marks my one year anniversary at Marketing Signals. It’s been 12 whole months since I took on the mantle of Digital Copywriter. Thinking back, I’ve covered some serious ground. I’ve written for fashion. I’ve written for travel.… Read the rest