Time for a rebrand? Top tips for a smooth site relaunch

rebranding a websiteFrom time to time your website or business will need some rebranding.

Perhaps that rebranding will simply mean changing a logo – but occasionally it could mean a new theme design, or a complete transformation of your brand identity (both online and off).… Read the rest

PPC for Brand PR – Does it work?


Immediate search results are almost impossible as SEO and ‘Ranking’ is a long term process. However, what if an immediate result is needed because of an online PR issue? The answer – PPC (bear in mind PPC traffic and ranking is not the same as SEO).… Read the rest

Make PPC Part of your SEO Strategy

Within this blog post, I’m going to go over a few uses for PPC which you may not have considered before and also to show you that they don’t have to be a duel between Google Adwords and your SEO Strategy…

They can very much work in harmony to help produce the results that you’re looking for – More Traffic!!Read the rest

Links. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Truth

Links. For many years now they have been the backbone of any good organic marketing campaign. And while they have come under a lot of fire over the past year or two, it’s safe to say links are here to stay, and are still a crucial part of Google’s ranking algorithm.… Read the rest

When the Shoe is on the Other Foot

Dog in Shoes


Within my role at Marketing Signals, I often find that a number of people are shocked at the prices they now need to pay for quality content and search signals, as link building has moved away from the era of spam and has been geared towards a more “natural” path by Google.… Read the rest

The Challenges of Running a Remote Content Team

When I was brought in to work for Marketing Signals in January 2013, one of my first tasks was to accrue a UK-based team of content writers who could work remotely, charge per-word within our budgets, and had capacity to dedicate much of their time to the potentially large amounts of copywriting work we were able to send their way.… Read the rest

Inbox survival tactics

Like many of you we here at Marketing Signals spend a large part of our working week managing the endless torrent of email that arrives in our inboxes. Marketing Signals is a highly transactional business and that combined with the fact that I help take on first line support for LinkRisk too means its more of a flood than a trickle nowadays.… Read the rest

Past Performance Is No Guarantee Of Future Success in SEO

I tend to deal with the new business enquiries here at Marketing Signals. I am also the managing director and see the whole picture from start to finish.

One recurring theme with our clients (present and new) is that SEO is getting too expensive these days and it is taking too long to rank and the most common – why am I having to pay for you to audit and probably remove / disavow some of our link profile when we paid another agency / you to build these links in the first place.… Read the rest

Backlink data sources – A quick comparison

One of the biggest activities that our agency undertakes is Manual Penalty Removal. A manual penalty is shown via a notification within your Webmaster Tools console.


This blog post looks at the main data sources used in the SEO industry and compares the data found within the exports.… Read the rest

The indexation (or not) of web directories

google-deindexedOver the years many SEO’s have used web directories as a very easy way of getting links for their clients. Many of those SEO’s bought the directory links from us back in the day!

Post penguin Google has been clamping down heavily on these blatant SEO techniques so I was intrigued as to how far they would go with the de-indexing of these sites.… Read the rest