Tips for Planning an Ecommerce Website

bvallsAny kind of website requires careful planning and preparation to ensure the desired outcomes. This is especially true for ecommerce sites.

Ecommerce entails a host of unique complexities that aren’t common considerations for non-ecommerce sites. Fortunately, from stock management to SEO and marketing, today’s popular ecommerce platforms have solutions that address almost every element of an online business.… Read the rest

Guide to Protecting your Data against Loss and Theft

Dr Pepper - What's the worst that could happen
Could you imagine what it would be like if you lost either your personal laptop or even your company’s laptop? Like our mobile phones, they contain pretty much everything about us and help us to go about our daily lives in a carefree way.… Read the rest

Where does your audience hang out?


If you are a brand with very little digital knowledge, outsourcing work to an agency is an available option where expertise is on hand to guide you digitally. Many companies tend to make decisions going off what they see is working for other brands, which in some cases have a completely different aesthetic or target audience, meaning that the copied method will not always work for everyone.… Read the rest

How we saved a client $1,000,000 using SEO skills and link data

We are tasked with many weird and wonderful jobs throughout the course of a day but this one seemed worthy of a blog post! It is quite well known that we have a team of people who are well versed in all things digital – be it small scale affiliate hobbies we run on the side to managing multi channel projects for our brand clients.… Read the rest

Ironing out the Facts: Local SEO

Link removal is great. I don’t just have to say that because it’s my job, but it’s a process that actually works, and in most cases has a positive impact on key metrics and visibility.  I have been a part of the link removal team for just over a year now, and have seen some amazingly bad backlink profiles during this time.… Read the rest

How effective is creative branding on the current digital frontline?

Creative and visual branding has changed so rapidly with the development of technology, it would be naive to believe that the branding market just relies heavily on bold colours and well graphically laid out designs, that attracts reader attention, and will cause people to purchase your product or visit your site.… Read the rest

Making the most of a conference trip.

Like many of you we enjoy all that a good conference trip can bring. I have been speaking, attending and even exhibiting at conferences for well over a decade now and there are a few things that I always do to make sure that I get the most out of the trip.… Read the rest

Time for a rebrand? Top tips for a smooth site relaunch

rebranding a websiteFrom time to time your website or business will need some rebranding.

Perhaps that rebranding will simply mean changing a logo – but occasionally it could mean a new theme design, or a complete transformation of your brand identity (both online and off).… Read the rest

PPC for Brand PR – Does it work?


Immediate search results are almost impossible as SEO and ‘Ranking’ is a long term process. However, what if an immediate result is needed because of an online PR issue? The answer – PPC (bear in mind PPC traffic and ranking is not the same as SEO).… Read the rest

Make PPC Part of your SEO Strategy

Within this blog post, I’m going to go over a few uses for PPC which you may not have considered before and also to show you that they don’t have to be a duel between Google Adwords and your SEO Strategy…

They can very much work in harmony to help produce the results that you’re looking for – More Traffic!!Read the rest