Opportunity knocks everywhere

People often ask me what the sales strategy I adopt within my businesses.

Usually I am quite secretive as I try and think differently to most and find untapped veins and niches that many agencies may overlook yet the industry has high transactional values online.… Read the rest

Its not the links, its the risk…

For many years the prevailing view of anyone building links for ranking improvement was that to acquire links from sites with good ‘link metrics’ was key to success. Since the original Penguin, possibly before that, this has changed.

Links are still very much the signal used by Google to order their search results but which sites actually pass their full value and under what conditions is something every SEO has to contend with.… Read the rest

What Every Web Design Client Should Know

webdesignLooking for a web designer (or web design company) can be something of a minefield – there is potential for lots of technical jargon, graphic designer waffle and mysterious sounding acronyms.

So how can a web design client prepare themselves (and their future web designer) for a smooth process with a final outcome that pleases everyone?… Read the rest

Is Social becoming Pay to Play?





Social Media Channels are constantly expanding their services, especially with the need to stay in the game, to adapt to consumer needs and to constantly being a platform reaching its frequently growing audience.

If we think back to early stages of Facebook, where liking a page would have increased your business activity.… Read the rest

The Best Guide to Link Building in 2015 You’ll Ever Read!

Before I go any further, these are my views and not the views of my employer.

Just to be clear, this is not going to be the typical “Guide to link building in [insert year]“. The Internet has been awash with these predictions on link building strategies for many years, mainly in the hope of high rankings and potential traffic.… Read the rest

Business attire in digital – What should you wear?

So, I am often asked why  I never wear a shirt and tie for work? After all I do run the front end of Marketing Signals and I am one of the faces of the company.

We recently published a content piece for one of our clients based around a survey they conducted with over 1000 business people – The graphic is embedded at the bottom of this post.… Read the rest

Smaller Screen, bigger Punch- How mobile is developing





Over the years, many of us Search Engine Marketers have developed the skill to read between Google’s lines. Like politicians, it’s often very difficult to get a straight answer, to a seemingly straight forward question.

Google have been pushing the notion lately that making mobile websites as user friendly as possible is key.… Read the rest

It Pays To Be Prepared – Blog Management Tips & Tricks

Trying to find the dedicated time that you would like to spend creating new posts for your blog can often be a difficult task amongst a list of, what feels like, one-hundred-thousand other things to do, which can sometimes be difficult to comprehend.… Read the rest

Ello Is It Me You’re Looking For?

Last month we saw the launch of Ello. The invite only social media platform that claimed to be rebelling against Facebook with its simplistic, no advertising, image heavy approach. After a few days of digital marketers making a fuss about it all went a bit quiet for Ello…



Nothing New To See Here

Ello provided us with nothing new, it was the same old structure just without the advertising (how long could that have lasted?).… Read the rest

The penguins are coming!

If the chatter on the line is anything to go by we are expecting the latest refresh of Google’s Penguin filter any day. For some the update is likely to bring much needed relief and recovery and for others it will mean being thrust into the purgatory of suppressed rankings for months.… Read the rest