The benefits of being a Google Partner

As a Google partner agency, we got invited to an exclusive event at Google HQ in London last month.  The event provided insider tips that our team could take away and apply immediately to client accounts, thus helping to increase ROI across PPC campaigns.… Read the rest

Fixing Mobile Usability Issues on your website

mobile-usabilityAs google rolls out it’s mobile friendly algorithm update, you may soon see changes in your SERPs.

We have covered the issue before in relation to building a mobile friendly site, but now we will drill down into some of the specific issues that Google is currently on the look out for, as it decides whether to mark your website as ‘mobile friendly’.… Read the rest

If Sitewide Link NoFollow – Else Follow

Follow / NoFollow PHP If Statement

For many years, theme developers and web designers have been using the opportunity to advertise themselves to others as the person or company who created the website or theme by use of the footer ‘credit’ links. Absolutely nothing to do with being a cheap and easy link building tactic of course because who would do such things to try and game the system because *coughs* we’re all in the business of doing things naturally of course…

The problem has been for a few years now ever since Google let the cat penguin out of the bag, that the once mighty sitewide link which was the envy of link builders has now become the noose around our necks with Google now seeing issue with these sorts of links as being unnatural.… Read the rest

The advantages of becoming a Google Partner – an overview


We’ve been a Google partner for a number of months now here at Marketing Signals. The idea came after we decided to ramp up our PPC offering to our existing and future clients. Traditionally our focus has been on organic search and content curation.… Read the rest

Are you prepared for Google’s mobile-friendly algorithm update?

As Google have now officially announced the roll-out of their mobile-friendly update, which is set to happen on the 21st of April and will likely last for the duration of the week. With that said, there is no better time than the present to ensure that your website is mobile-friendly.… Read the rest

Do The SEO Basics

SEO can be a daunting place. I know I found it that way when I graduated and entered the world of online marketing. With your Pandas, Hummingbirds, SERPS it’s no wonder people get lost and have no idea where to start.… Read the rest

Improving office communication with Slack

I tend to run operations here at Marketing Signals and as part of that role we have a lot of procedures in place to make sure everything happens when its supposed to. Traditionally that was done through email but we have recently swapped a lot of our office chat to Slack.… Read the rest

Building Blocks of a Mobile Friendly Site

respGoogle recently announced plans to roll out ‘several ranking changes‘ that will favour mobile-friendly websites in order to ‘improve the search experience for smartphone users‘.

With these upcoming changes in mind, now would be a good time to take stock of the mobile-friendly nature (or not) of your website.… Read the rest

Mobile Friendly Search Update on PPC


With Google’s new SEO update of Mobile optimised sites to be ranked higher, this will see the shift of many sites pushing to be Mobile optimised to increase their presence in Search. So, how does this affect your PPC campaigns that will be in line with your SEO strategy?… Read the rest

Free SEO & Marketing Tools

The great thing about doing SEO, is that there is a wealth of great tools available to handle all sorts of jobs, so I thought I would run through a few that I find useful. I haven’t put these in any particular order, but it’s well worth having a skim through and seeing if there is anything in there you might find useful.… Read the rest