How To Get Your Structured Data in The SERPs

We all want our website to be doing better in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages), and there’s a lot you can do to help give it a boost. You may have noticed that search engines are supplying users with more and more information in the SERPs.… Read the rest

Optimising Mobile for PPC Campaigns


Google have now given priority organically to sites that are optimised for mobile search. Therefore, PPC campaigns have more room for mobile bidding and the opportunity of tailoring ads to be effective on mobile. However, many brands fail to optimise their mobile PPC campaigns.… Read the rest

Custom Post Types within WordPress


WordPress was once little more than a basic CMS for bloggers, but it has since grown into a full eco-system – able to handle almost anything that web developers and designers can throw at it.

You may think of WordPress as a system that manages your blog posts and website pages – but you can quite easily expand it to help you manage custom ‘post types’ for your specific website requirements.… Read the rest

4 Reasons Why Your Content Marketing Project is Likely to Fail

Content Marketing Fails

Content marketing has become a popular term to describe the creation and promotion of creative content on the web. However, the concept itself is nothing new, as in fact you could argue it is just another name for publishing – something that has been around for decades.… Read the rest

Web Hosting Guide for Your Business

Whether you have been doing business online for many years, or are just starting your journey online. One thing is for certain. You’re going to quickly realise that web hosting is one of those necessary evils to contend with, to get your website online and for your customers to find you.… Read the rest

Finding Influencers the Easy Way


Outreach and content have become the backbone of any solid organic strategy in recent years. The success of such a campaign relies on a number of variants, including how well written your outreach email is, along with the quality of the content you’re seeding.… Read the rest

10 Tips for Creating Engaging Blog Content

Tip for creating engaging content

If your audience can’t connect with your blog content, chances are they will click off the page or be put off returning for future posts. Below are ten tips that will help you to create engaging blog content that will attract and retain blog readers.… Read the rest

A Year In Digital – What I Wish I Knew as a Fresh Faced Grad


So I’ve now been at Marketing Signals for a year, during which I’ve learnt a hell of a lot about all things Digital. As I’ve been reflecting on what I’ve learnt over the last year, I thought about some of the things I wish I knew as a graduate.… Read the rest

Choosing the Right Theme for Your WordPress Site

responsive-web-design-540x340WordPress themes are a relatively easy way for site owners, web designers or complete beginners to create a professional looking, fully functional WordPress site with minimal effort.

There are thousands of both free and paid themes available, so where do you begin, and what are the features you should look out for?… Read the rest

Google Buy Buttons – What it means for business

Google have finally enhanced into ecommerce, much like Amazon. The new changes will allow a person to search for a product and see a direct buy button. Once the user clicks on the button, they will land onto a completing the order page and mobile users will be the first to trial this.… Read the rest