It Pays To Be Prepared – Blog Management Tips & Tricks

Trying to find the dedicated time that you would like to spend creating new posts for your blog can often be a difficult task amongst a list of, what feels like, one-hundred-thousand other things to do, which can sometimes be difficult to comprehend. As a part time blogger who juggles their own blog planning in the evenings after work and during the weekends, I often have days when I want to find some ‘me’ time in-between my busy workload, without feeling guilty for neglecting my blog – well, I feel that way at least.

One way to overcome the huge shadow hanging over your head is by planning the content that you would like to publish and scheduling the final posts ahead of time – Ironically, as this post is being published I will actually be sunning myself with a ‘guilt free’ cocktail on a Greek Island!


Below I have put together some simple tips for planning and maintaining a blog, which you will hopefully find useful. However, if you simply don’t have the time to put this information together, or would like some help doing so, the team here at Marketing Signals can lend a hand with our ‘blog management’ service, which you can read more about here.


What Do You Want To Talk About and When?

Creating a content calendar

Planning content ahead of time means that you will also need to factor in the date that you are looking to schedule the content for, may that either be the time of year (Summer / Winter / Halloween / Christmas), or to co-inside with any upcoming product launches or company news – as you wouldn’t want to talk about a ‘new PR release’ if that actually happened one month prior to your pre-planned content going live. If you already have a marketing calendar or seasonal calendar for your business you can co-ordinate these with your new content calendar. Personally I find it easiest to think about the topic that I want to discuss and then generate rough article titles, plan these out alongside my existing calendar and to go from there.


Scheduling Posts

Preparing Your Content Ahead Of Time

The beauty of scheduling posts is that you can have peace of mind when it comes to regular content going live on your blog, without having to worry about this on the day or having a mini panic mid meeting that you forgot to put your post live that morning. In addition to scheduling the time that your post will go live, you can also instill the hand of a nifty social media scheduling suite – one example being Hootsuite – to also schedule when you would like to share your post with followers via your social media accounts.


Keeping The Momentum Going

Finding Inspiration For Your Blog Posts

We have all had those days when we feel like our mind has hit a brick wall and coming up with a new content idea is about as easy as peeling a pineapple. So how do you keep your blog momentum going? I find that looking for inspiration from current trends online or within your given industry via magazines, social media and other blogs combined with your own previous experiences and perhaps things that you may have struggled with and problems you may have overcome. Where possible, if you can relate all of these things to upcoming company news, services and developments you can then share this new and engaging content with your readers that may even give new insight into existing topic.


Organisation is Key

How To Keep Your Blog Running

Most importantly, if you are looking to keep on top of running a successful blog then being organised with your content ideas and getting these onto your content calendar (without forgetting) really is key. From writing your ideas down as soon as they pop into your head to making a list of title ideas for future posts, getting your thoughts down with pen and paper or making a note on your phone or computer will give you more ideas to play with, rather than waiting until later in the day or week when you may forget the ‘ingenious idea’ that had popped into your head earlier, which you really could be kicking yourself for.


If you are currently struggling with running your own blog, or are thinking of introducing a company blog to your website, contact the team at Marketing Signals today to see how our blog management service can help, or see here for more information.

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