BING – The Essential Mobile Ranking Factors & Techniques


It may not be your first port of call, or even your second, but Bing is becoming far more powerful and commanding more and more search space year on year. Is it time to sit up and take note? We think so!

Bing is often overlooked by a number of agencies and businesses alike, but we like to do things differently. Around six months back, whilst analysing one of our biggest clients, we saw a month on month increase in traffic coming from Bing organic queries. Now many agencies would just pass this opportunity by. We decided otherwise. We build a paid search campaign around the client’s key terms, which were not receiving as much exposure and watched as the number of Bing hits continued to rise. These weren’t conventional Google conversions, but were conversions all the same and because it was Bing, the clicks were cheaper, too.

As with all engines there are guidelines to follow. Some believe Bing to be easier to optimise for. This may or may not be the case, but I always like to think they’re a little more forthcoming with pointers of how to get the best results.

Bing recently published some guidelines and insight into how they determine whether or not a mobile site is relevant for a search query. Now I’m sure there are many other factors that go into determining relevancy, but Bing were quite willing to share the following mobile ranking factors:

  • Identify and classify mobile and device-friendly web pages and websites
  • Analyse web documents from a mobile point-of-view by looking at:
    • Content compatibility
    • Content readability
    • Mobile functionality (to weed out “junk”, that is pages that are 404 on mobile or Flash only etc.)
  • Return more mobile-friendly URLs to the mobile SERP
  • Ranking the results pages based on all of the above

Now there are some easy wins to be had here. By creating a responsive website, you are ticking off a good number of the necessities’ above. Coupled with short, clean URLs, you’re on a winning path to Bing success.

In short, don’t ignore the easy wins. Both Bing and Google guidelines are closely aligned, so it’s pretty much a win, win.

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