The Benefits of an Apprenticeship in a Digital Marketing Agency

Recently, my fellow apprentice, James, wrote a blog on digital marketing apprenticeships. With an increasing number of young people choosing apprenticeships over higher education, I wanted to share my first-hand experience and explain the many benefits of a digital marketing apprenticeship.

Practical Skills – Learning on the Job

Gaining relevant industry knowledge was possibly the most influential factor behind my decision to undertake a digital marketing apprenticeship. On a daily basis, I am surrounded by a variety of skill sets spanning the multi-faceted field of digital marketing. I have found that each member of staff has taken a different path over the course of their marketing careers. This means that the marketing degree route is not the only way to get ahead in this business. By speaking to my colleagues I am able to learn from their cumulative real-world marketing skills.

Digital Marketing Apprenticeship – One Foot in the Industry

Practical SkillsAnother way in which I stand to benefit from my digital marketing apprenticeship is valuable on the job experience. I now have one foot in the industry. If you have browsed employment opportunities recently (in almost any sphere of work), you may have noticed that “two years experience” is a standard requirement. Here at Marketing Signals, you begin to build that experience. Best of all, a digital marketing apprenticeship within a thriving modern agency opens the door to being kept on after completing the apprenticeship.

Opportunities to Experience Different Areas of Digital Marketing

My digital marketing apprenticeship presents opportunities to gain experience in different areas of digital marketing. I have the time and the resources to improve my knowledge base in areas ranging from SEO to PPC and from content writing to website design. Where I feel I have an area of weakness, I can speak to the specialist in that field and ask for guidance. Interpersonal relationships develop quickly in an office environment, meaning communication and learning is made all the more easy.

Digital Marketing Qualifications

Aside from learning relevant skills, apprentices gain qualifications. By the end of the course, I will have received a pass/merit/distinction in a Digital Apprenticeship Standard. These qualifications will ultimately serve to outline that I have valuable experience in the digital marketing field. Currently, there is also a push for apprenticeship qualifications to be held in much higher esteem by employers.

External Support

The final benefit is the external support I receive from the apprenticeship provider. I spend 20% of the week undertaking apprenticeship work (e.g. written assessments, participating in webinars, etc.). The provider not only ensures that all relevant resources are in place, but also that I receive constructive feedback.


If you are considering going down the apprenticeship route – and if you are able to choose the industry – I would highly recommend choosing a digital marketing agency. I have learned new skills from many talented people who were happy to make the time to share their expertise – an opportunity that would be highly impractical under normal full-time employment circumstances.


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