Automate WordPress Menu Updates With JC Submenu

automatic wordpress menu creation

The default WordPress Menus tool is a flexible, user-friendly way of managing your website’s menu(s). Simply drag and drop your pages, and WordPress does the rest. But what if you don’t want (or need) to alter you menu structure manually? In that case, you may find this plugin helpful. The JC Submenu plugin allows you to auto-populate menus with child pages, categories, or custom post types or taxonomies.

Use Cases

So what are the use cases for something like this?

  • Child pages – let’s say you have a ‘services’ dropdown in your main menu. In this services submenu you list your individual service pages. Typically when you create a new ‘service’ page you would manually add the page to your services submenu. But the JC Submenu plugin can automatically add any new child pages (any new ‘service’ page) to this dropdown, and sort them however you wish.
  • Categories – If you provide links to your post categories in a menu, you can use JC Submenu to auto-add new category links whenever you create a new category. Yay!
  • Custom Post Types / Custom Taxonomies – JC Submenu doesn’t limit your options. If you have custom post types, you can auto-add these to submenus just as if they were posts, pages or categories. Just select the post type, and define which (if any) Taxonomy and terms you wish to filter by. Voilà – any new custom posts matching your filters will be automatically displayed in this submenu.

Playing Nicely

In my experience JC Submenu plays well with mega menu plugins and custom themes, but this will depend on your specific menu setup, theme and requirements.

Should you experience any issues with getting the plugin to work, try adding this code to your theme’s functions.php file, which should resolve any clashes:

// enable compatibility with theme custom menu walkers
add_filter('jcs/enable_public_walker', 'jc_disable_public_walker');
function jc_disable_public_walker($default){
return false;

Set and Forget

Once setup you can relax knowing WordPress will automate the submenus as you have specified.

Of course it doesn’t hurt to keep an eye on your menu – in particular to make sure things are looking neat and tidy – but this plugin will automate some of the more tedious aspects of your wordpress menu management.

Download the JC Submenu from

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