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Getting sh*t done – How to get a dev team to implement your SEO recommendations

In its simplest form, at a macro level, SEO can be broadly divided into two composite parts: link building/off-page work and on-page/technical changes. Often, when working with a medium or large organisation, the client will already have a development team in place who are responsible for making the technical on-page changes to the website.… Read the rest

Four ways to land high DA links from UK Universities

Obtaining high quality, high authority links is a prequisite to ranking well on Google. However, getting these links is no easy task and often involves large scale content or digital PR campaigns. Link building as an activity has evolved from a quick and scalable tactic, into a more thought out, more methodical and ultimately more time consuming exercise, with much less guarantee of success.Read the rest

5 Chrome plugins that will help with blogger outreach

Google Chrome now has an impressive 59% share of the browser market. Not bad considering it was last mainstream browser to join the market in 2008. One of the key reasons for it’s success (aside from it’s superior loading speed) is the ability to add third party extensions which enable users to executive a myriad of different tasks from within the browser.… Read the rest

How to write a killer outreach subject line

Running an effective outreach campaign is one of the cornerstones of any successful SEO campaign. Whether you are outreaching to promote new content, undertake some gifting or are just asking for links, email is usually the most efficient and scalable means of communicating with site owners.… Read the rest

Introduction to the SEMRush Site Audit Tool is without question one of the best and most efficient SEO tools on the market. It’s quick and easy to use dashboard means data and metrics can be gathered at speed, something that those who are working in SEO are likely to appreciate.… Read the rest

Don’t create another Text Ad until you’ve read this blog post…

Writing effective and compelling ad copy is just one of a series of tasks associated with the creation of a new PPC campaign. However, often it seems, many advertisers do not spend enough time thinking about what they want the ad to say and which messages they want to project to the user.… Read the rest

How to reach hyper-niche audiences online

Successful digital marketing campaigns normally rely on being able to reach and influence the target audience who are interested in purchasing your product or service. The advent of search marketing (both PPC and SEO) transformed a marketers ability to achieve this, as users could be targeted by what they were searching for online.… Read the rest

How to maximise conversion rate when building a lead generation site

Most online businesses fall into two categories, they either sell their products online or instead take enquiries for their services via their website. For sites which want to generate new business leads, the overarching website goal will be to convince the user to submit their details.… Read the rest

Content Marketing: Are Links More Important Than Conversions?

Since the advent of content marketing, marketers have realised the importance of defining the correct target audience. Typically, if you speak to a business about who their target audience is, they will often begin to profile their average customer. However, should this audience be defined only as people interested in buying the product or service?… Read the rest

How to use PPC data to boost your SEO campaign

Anyone who works in SEO and/or PPC will know that both activities provide marketers will enormous amounts of data, with everything trackable and measurable via cookies. This is one of the key advantages of search marketing over traditional marketing, which is much harder to track the ROI.… Read the rest