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How to deploy your ideal WordPress install to make your development process quicker and easier


What is a cloned WordPress install bundle

The concept is simple. Rather than creating a basic WordPress install and having to monotonously install all the same plugins every time you  start a new web project, why not have a pre-rolled version of your ultimate WordPress install, fully loaded with your must have plugins, themes and modifications in one install package?… Read the rest

Which E-commerce platform is the best for your business?

Okay, so you’ve decided to take the plunge and build your own e-commerce shop.

But with so many options at your disposal it can be daunting to decide which is the right platform to start your business with.

Hopefully this blog will highlight some of the key differences and make it clear which platform will meet your needs.… Read the rest

adwords rlsa practice

Super Charge Adwords RLSA With Best Practices

The vast majority of internet users would not make a purchase or complete a form on their first visit to your website. So I recommend you super charge Adwords RLSA with the following best practices. RLSA provided by Adwords is a way to show your ads as a reminder to some visitors who previously visited your site, as they do follow-up searches on Google.… Read the rest

How hard is it to make a website? What your options are and how to get started

It’s 2017 and time for new challenges! Are you ready for your first website? Or finally decided it’s time to upgrade? Yes!? Well, whether you want a website for your hobby or small business, this guide will help you to consider your options and decide on the best way forward.… Read the rest

2016 - The Year of the Fake

Has 2016 become the year of the FAKE! Everything?

Unless you’ve been hidden under a very large rock and managed to avoid any newspapers and Wi-Fi signal for the past few months. You won’t have failed to escape this year’s buzzword FAKE!

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Five Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making

In my previous blog post, I talked about how to improve your website instantly with only a few tips, but I did not begin to discuss what elements you should avoid including in your blog. Believe it or not, it doesn’t matter how much money you invest in owning the best design on the web if you don’t take into account some factors that may be annoying for your audience.… Read the rest

Useful Additions for Your WordPress Functions.php File


What is Functions.php?

Functions.php is a way to add functionality and features to your WordPress website. Functions.php acts very much like a plugin but it resides in your WordPress theme folder. Its remains active as long as your theme is active.… Read the rest

AdWords is now testing click to text message ad extensions

Google are currently in the process of Beta testing message extensions within the adverts sitelinks. And as people rely on mobile search more and more, this ties in with their “mobile first” stance.

These will essentially give the user another means of getting in touch with the advertiser as opposed to the call extension.… Read the rest

Small Business Guide to Social Media

Small Business Guide to being more Productive with Social Media

Like most things in life, we know that there is a bunch of stuff we should be doing to improve ourselves and things around us. For instance, we all know we should probably spend a little less time snacking and a little more time eating healthily.… Read the rest


I am sure that in your workplace or circle of friends you already know somebody who runs a blog or shows interest in delving into the blogging world. You might have heard through the grapevine that it is a “quick” way to make extra money as a side job, or that it is even an effective therapy to grow personally and heal wounds from the past.… Read the rest