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How hard is it to make a website? What your options are and how to get started

It’s 2017 and time for new challenges! Are you ready for your first website? Or finally decided it’s time to upgrade? Yes!? Well, whether you want a website for your hobby or small business, this guide will help you to consider your options and decide on the best way forward.… Read the rest

2016 - The Year of the Fake

Has 2016 become the year of the FAKE! Everything?

Unless you’ve been hidden under a very large rock and managed to avoid any newspapers and Wi-Fi signal for the past few months. You won’t have failed to escape this year’s buzzword FAKE!

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AdWords is now testing click to text message ad extensions

Google are currently in the process of Beta testing message extensions within the adverts sitelinks. And as people rely on mobile search more and more, this ties in with their “mobile first” stance.

These will essentially give the user another means of getting in touch with the advertiser as opposed to the call extension.… Read the rest

Small Business Guide to Social Media

Small Business Guide to being more Productive with Social Media

Like most things in life, we know that there is a bunch of stuff we should be doing to improve ourselves and things around us. For instance, we all know we should probably spend a little less time snacking and a little more time eating healthily.… Read the rest

Why you shouldn’t be measuring rankings as a main KPI

The search engine world is an ever evolving system. The days in which we were able to set a group of 10 keywords for a client and push the site in those areas, are sadly over. Yet more often than not rankings are one of the focal points in any new client discussion.… Read the rest

Seasonal Google shopping PPC campaign Tips

September has arrived! This means that the preparation for seasonal PPC campaigns has begun. There are many opportunities during the next few months, including Black Friday, Boxing Day, New year and the general lead up to Christmas for gift buying. Utilising this part of the year is crucial, particularly with Google Shopping, where being at the forefront of customer product searches will inevitably increase sales opportunities.… Read the rest

Bidding On Brand In Paid Search. The Benefits.

What do we mean by bidding on your brand name in paid search?

Easy one. Running a PPC campaign with your company’s brand name as the keyword.

I’ve always been a keen advocate of bidding on brand terms for the reasons I’ll detail below.… Read the rest

Free Public Domain Images & Free Stock Photos Websites

Free Public Domain Images & Free Stock Photos Websites

Over the years, I’ve amassed a collection of bookmarks for websites where I can handily go and find images for projects I’ve been working on. However, I’ve also not been in the habit of using bookmarking websites or backing up any of my bookmarks.… Read the rest

What may Brexit mean for eCommerce?

In case you missed it, this time last week Britain voted to leave the European Union, the first country to do so since its inception in the 1970s. With the referendum came a lot of uncertainty as to what would happen to Britain, from our economic prosperity, the effect on our global influence and overall how it would change our nation.… Read the rest

Paid Search Stars

Why we’re awesome at Paid Search Advertising

Our paid department has considerably grown over the last 2 years, resulting in some fantastic new client wins that we have successfully driven positive ROI for.

To build a place for an SME in the paid search market is a challenging task, particularly when our client is competing with big brands that have bigger budgets.… Read the rest