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SEO and PR

PR and SEO: How To Find The Perfect Balance To Create Optimised And Newsworthy Content

PR and SEO can often be worlds apart. For some businesses they are sworn enemies, with teams refusing to work with each other, leading to separate PR campaigns to promote the brand and SEO strategies to improve traffic and ranking. Other businesses and agencies see the value of combining the practices and creating an overarching strategy to achieve and exceed goals.… Read the rest


Disavowing the “Globe” network of sites

We conduct a lot of link profile management for our clients either as part of our SEO activity or as a one-off for agencies (via our Partner Programme) and SEO / marketing managers around the world.

One of the most common network of spam sites we see is part of what we call “The Globe Network”.… Read the rest


Managing a successful SEO / Digital marketing campaign is becoming more and more complex, as the platforms we use and products we sell mature and the target customers become better educated in the ways of the web.

Here at Marketing Signals, we manage clients of all sizes and across multiple and single channels.Read the rest

A brief history of Penguin and Panda

The joys of SEO in the modern world! A world of Penguins and Pandas! Here is an overview of the Google updates:

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Opportunity knocks everywhere

People often ask me what the sales strategy I adopt within my businesses.

Usually I am quite secretive as I try and think differently to most and find untapped veins and niches that many agencies may overlook yet the industry has high transactional values online.… Read the rest

Business attire in digital – What should you wear?

So, I am often asked why  I never wear a shirt and tie for work? After all I do run the front end of Marketing Signals and I am one of the faces of the company.

We recently published a content piece for one of our clients based around a survey they conducted with over 1000 business people – The graphic is embedded at the bottom of this post.… Read the rest

How we saved a client $1,000,000 using SEO skills and link data

We are tasked with many weird and wonderful jobs throughout the course of a day but this one seemed worthy of a blog post! It is quite well known that we have a team of people who are well versed in all things digital – be it small scale affiliate hobbies we run on the side to managing multi channel projects for our brand clients.… Read the rest

Time for a rebrand? Top tips for a smooth site relaunch

rebranding a websiteFrom time to time your website or business will need some rebranding.

Perhaps that rebranding will simply mean changing a logo – but occasionally it could mean a new theme design, or a complete transformation of your brand identity (both online and off).… Read the rest

The Challenges of Running a Remote Content Team

When I was brought in to work for Marketing Signals in January 2013, one of my first tasks was to accrue a UK-based team of content writers who could work remotely, charge per-word within our budgets, and had capacity to dedicate much of their time to the potentially large amounts of copywriting work we were able to send their way.… Read the rest

Past Performance Is No Guarantee Of Future Success in SEO

I tend to deal with the new business enquiries here at Marketing Signals. I am also the managing director and see the whole picture from start to finish.

One recurring theme with our clients (present and new) is that SEO is getting too expensive these days and it is taking too long to rank and the most common – why am I having to pay for you to audit and probably remove / disavow some of our link profile when we paid another agency / you to build these links in the first place.… Read the rest