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Get in shape for GDPR – 2 months to go!

At the end of 2017  we gave an introduction into what the new GDPR was and how it might affect us as digital marketers. Now, with just 2 months to go until it is fully enforceable we delve a little deeper into exactly what you can do to make sure that you’re GDPR compliant and ready for the change!Read the rest

GDPR 2018: Are You Prepared?

The GDPR implementation deadline is approaching in a matter of a few months, but are you and your business prepared?

What is the GDPR?

In a nutshell, it is the result of nearly four years of discussion, and work, to help the EU bring data protection into line with modern technology and business workings.… Read the rest

5 Things About Outreach You Should Know

Outreach, PR, and link building may, deep down, be largely different beasts, but they do share one major thing in common; they involve getting in contact with people (often complete strangers, or at least people you’ve never met face to face) and asking them to engage with some kind of content you or your client has produced.… Read the rest

How to check your backlinks properly

Managing your Backlink Profile – Why you need to know what you’re doing!

The Bane Of The Backlink

Backlinks, they’re a pain in the a** but we can’t live without them. As Gary Illyes said back in November 2016, “Ranking without links is really, really hard”. He should know, after all, he is the Chief of Sunshine and Happiness at Google (despite the wishy-washy job title, he’s kind of a big deal!).… Read the rest

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