Why You Should Be Using Google Ad Extensions

Do you want to make your ad stand out from the competition for all the right reasons? If you answered YES, then you need to master AdWords Ad Extensions. These extensions enable additional information to be shown with your ad. This gives greater incentives for individuals to select your company. Usually, an ads click-through rate (CTR) is increased compared to when no extensions are present. If and when possible you should use all available extensions to enhance the performance of your ads.

Some extension types require manual setup in the account, however some extensions are added automatically:

Manual Ad Extensions Include:

– Call
– App
– Price
– Review
– Location
– Call Outs
– Message
– Sitelinks
– Affiliate Location
– Structured Snippet

Automated Ad Extensions Include:

– Previous visits
– Seller ratings extensions
– Automated call extensions
– Dynamic sitelink extensions
– Consumer ratings extensions
– Automated location extensions

How Ad Extensions Work

To get the most out of your text ads, AdWords identifies which extensions to show in relation to each specific Google search.

Furthermore, making use of all the available extensions gives your ad greater visibility and prominence on the search results page. This is because extensions often boost the total number of clicks, and can give individuals additional ways of interacting with your business. Additionally, these can improve your overall quality score and ad rank.

When Extensions Show

Extensions are not always guaranteed to appear with your ads. This is because a minimum ad rank is required for the extensions to show. Furthermore, the extensions must be predicted to improve performance.


A click on an extension will cost the same as a click on the ad headline. However, there’s no additional cost to adding them (exceptions include clicks on review extensions and seller ratings, which are not charged).

Extension Examples

Take a look below at some of our example Ads that include the Ad Extensions outlined in this blog.


These are popular methods that take individuals to specific pages on your website. When someone clicks on sitelinks, they skip directly to where the sitelink is directing them.



Callouts showcase your unique selling points that allow your business to stand out from your competitors.


Structured Snippet

Highlight specific aspects of your products and services.

Structured Snippet


Enable individuals to call your business.

Call Extension


Show the physical location of your business, and a link to your business details page – which can include your business hours, photos of your business and directions.

Location Extension

Affiliate Location

Helping individuals to locate stores that sell your specific items or services.

Affiliate Location


Highlight services or product categories with prices, so that individuals can browse your products directly from the ad.


Individuals are able to download your app directly. Available for Android and iOS mobile devices & tablets.

App Extension


Add quotes or rankings from published sources.

Review Extension


Enable individuals to message your business.

Message Extension

New AdWords Interface


Promotion extensions highlight any current sales or promotions that your business may currently have running.


Many advertisers spend a lot of time optimising ad text, which can be a useful procedure in most cases. However, utilising extensions is an immediate and impactful way to improve overall CTR. An essential component to be highly considered!

Sam Cawthra

Sam Cawthra

Sam started working in marketing in 2015 but quickly found a passion and expertise in PPC and Paid Social. Sam’s experience covers a range of industries working in both agency and client-side roles.

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