5 Ways To Increase Your Blog’s Exposure

It would seem that every man and his dog has a blog these days, from your kids to your colleagues and your next door neighbours. But, having a blog is an important entity for every business. As not only does it reflect your brand or company values, personality and expertise. It is also a great way to capture new customers and increase those ever important sales figures.

So, with that being said. Let’s Begin with the first of my five simple tactics that you can implement today to increase your blog’s exposure.

1. Share Insight and Useful Information

The concept of a blog was created to share information with others online, previously refered to as a ‘personal homepage’ or online journal. Although they have evolved, the essence of blogging is still to share information with your readers. And in order to build a return following you need to be offering your audience something of value.

This could be anything from detailed information on your products or processes, hints, tips, discounts / offers or just sharing your knowledge or thoughts on a certain subject. By sharing insight and useful information you will see your return audience begin to rise alongside your new visitor count. And as they say, a returning visitor is more likely to convert into a sale, download or click.

2. Use Attention Grabbing Titles

By following a trick used by newspaper journalists, you can increase visits to your blog by encouraging readers to click through and read your content. Which can all be done by writing a catchy title to bring in those readers.

Some may think of this as a form of link bait. But, remember, don’t go completely off tangent and write the title: 50 Cute Cat Photos, if your blog post is actually about creating a custom Google Analytics Dashboard. As visitors will leave as soon as they hit the post, which won’t give you chance to turn them into a customer.

TIP: Remember to actually keep your title in line with your content, but try to be creative with it. Or at least use a term that people may be looking for in the good old Google search box.

3, Give Your Images ‘ALT’ Tags

Did you know that people can find your blog from searching for images? I actually often switch to images rather than the ‘All’ option when searching on Google.I am sure others are doing it to. Which is another reason why you should make sure you are using image ALT tags correctly across your blog.

Not only will it tell Google’s search spiders what your image depicts, it can also help with targetting your keywords and to increase your blog traffic. After all, blogs are more aesthetically pleasing than ever these days, which is a trend that is set to continue. I mean, all you have to do is look at the increasing popularity of Pinterest and Instagram to know that.

4. Make Sure Your Blog Is Mobile Friendly

Something else you need to tick off your blog’s SEO checklist is making sure that your blog – and website come to the matter – are optimised for mobile devices. And if you didn’t know already, in 2015 Google announced that more searches were performed on mobile devices than laptops or desktop computers.

So if you don’t have a mobile friendly or responsive design, you may want to jump onto changing that, and doing so quickly.


5. Master Social Media

Like blogging, everyone is on social media these days. But, are you taking full advantage of what these platforms have to offer?

To help push the exposure of your blog, shout out about your latest blog posts and remember to also implement tip number 2 with your social media post text too. Find out where your customers hang out online. Are they all snapping away on Instagram, pinning on Pinterest or Tweeting on Twitter?

By doing some online research into how your target customers use social media, or certain trends they follow, including hashtags they are spreading. You can target your tweets and social posts to these terms to further push the exposure of your blog.

Being a blogger myself I find that anywhere from 10-15% of my overall traffic is directed from Twitter alone. So it is definitely something worth investing your time in. I would recommend looking to use social media scheduling tools such as Hootsuite or Buffer to help manage your social promotion activity.

So there we have five ways you can increase your blog’s Exposure. Go and give them a try and see how your blog visit count or interaction is affected. And if your blog is not yet mobile friendly, get in touch with the team here at Marketing Signals today, to discuss how we can rectify this important ranking factor for you.

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