5 Ways to Get in Front of Your Competitor’s Audience

Wouldn’t if be great if you could get your brand’s message in front of all those users and customers who are currently engaged with your online competitors? Traditionally, it would have been almost impossible to push your marketing message in front of your rival’s customers, fans and subscribers. As you would first need to think of a method to discover who these people actually were. However, from an online perspective at least, you really can market to your rivals online audience. Notice – I am using the term audience – not just customers – as the below methods are based on people who are engaging with a rival brand in some way, not all of which will be existing customers of course. That said, marketing to your competitor’s audiences in general is still lazer targeted and should prove an extremely valuable exercise.

Facebook Targeting

Facebook advertising has a myriad of targeting options, including advertising to those users who have expressed an interest in a specific group or page. So for example, you could advertise to all those users who like your competitors Facebook page.

Facebook audience

Twitter Targeting

The same principle can also be applied to Twitter via follower targeting. Again you just pick the competitor profiles you wish to target, when setting up a new advertising campaign.

Twitter Targeting

Gmail Sponsored Promotions

Using the Display network on Adwords gives marketers the ability to target those who have had an email from a competitor via Gmail Sponsored Promotions (GSP).  I recommend you set up a separate Gmail ads display campaign. You then need to set mail.gmail.com as a placement domain and also add your competitor (s) domains as display keywords. (P.S – remember to turn off ‘Conservative’ targeting when you set the campaign up)

gmail ads

Bid on their Brand Name

Self-explanatory really, so unless they are trademarked, add your competitors to your PPC campaign. Be warned, they’ll probably do the same to you and help inflate your minimum bid price for your own brand.

brand bidding

Use Similar Web

OK, so technically this is getting in front of more than just your competitors audience, however finding sources of relevant referral traffic from your competitors can be a great way to attract new visits and customers. Obviously only choose relevant referral sites, not spam sites like semalt.com! Below is a screenshot from MRPORTER.com who you can see are getting a lot of their referral traffic from fashionbeans.com.

referral mrporter


The above methods will go some way in trying to penetrate your competitor’s audience. No doubt there are other tactics I have not thought of, but with behaviourial and interest based targeting only becoming more prevalent, it seems this technology will only become more enhanced over time.

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Simon has over ten years of digital marketing experience, having worked both agency side and client side across a number of different verticals. He has extensive expertise across a range of channels but predominantly focusses on SEO, content marketing and PPC for clients both large and small.

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