5 Things About Outreach You Should Know

Outreach, PR, and link building may, deep down, be largely different beasts, but they do share one major thing in common; they involve getting in contact with people (often complete strangers, or at least people you’ve never met face to face) and asking them to engage with some kind of content you or your client has produced.

On the surface it seems simple, just bang out an email, whizz it off, job done! No…if only it were as simple as that. There’s a variety of things you really need to have drilled down and understood to maximise the potential returns from your hard work.

Here are 5 things you should probably know about outreach:


1 – Subject lines

This is essentially the first thing your recipient will see when your email pings into their inbox. As we all know, first impressions count! You need to make sure your subject conveys your purpose for contact without sounding spammy, too serious, irrelevant or boring. Take a look at one of our other blog posts here that help you with this area.


2 – Be personable

Being easy to engage with as a person is key. If you come across as being too serious, overly business-y or stuffy and uptight, you’re going to lose your reader. They’ll switch off and likely not even open your email, yet alone read and respond. You may well find your emails forever being dumped into the trash or, worse, into spam. Make sure to be engaging on a personal level too!


3 – Don’t use mass emails

If you really care about getting your emails opened and ready by the recipients, and you’d also like a response from them too, don’t rely on mass mailshots. Mass mailshots open a whole Pandora’s Box of potential issues, from the almost inevitable data issues causing mail merge fields to be sent (we’ve all received an email addressed to “Dear [First name]” before, haven’t we?!) to send throttling issues potentially caused by the email sending platform you use. Mass mailshots also do not encourage you to research the person you’re sending the mail to, which leads onto my next point!


4 – Understand the blogger

Know who you’re contacting. This doesn’t mean you need to know that the bloke you’re sending your lovely shiny infographic to is called Steve. I mean know that Steve likes linking to infographics on his website, especially those that cover the very specialist niche topic of famous Chihuahuas in Hollywood. While this might be an extreme example, it’s important to do a little bit of research into your intended recipient and understand if your content is right for them and their site. Does it fit in well with the message they’re trying to portray? At the end of the day, you don’t want to be wasting their time, and you definitely don’t want to be wasting your own either.


5 – Understand your client

This point has a few similarities to the above point but there are differences too. You may well find plenty of bloggers out there who will happily post any content you send them, rubbing their hands in glee at the thought of a few quid lining their pockets. That’s not always best for your client. If you client has a site selling dog clothes, they’re not necessarily going to want you getting them links from sports websites, are they? Even if you managed to get your content to fit the placement site, it’s still not the most appropriate use of your client’s money. The ROI could be a lot greater elsewhere if you take a little time to be more selective over who you outreach and try to work with.


So, whilst there are numerous more things that you should probably think about as well, these are 5 of the most important things, in my opinion!

If you’re not sure on how you should be outreaching for your next marketing campaign and want some expert help in making sure you get the most out of your budget, give us a call and find out how we can help you with our extensive outreach marketing experience. Call today on 0161 928 8799

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