4 Reasons To Measure Your Blog Post Performance

With any online marketing campaign, you will look to monitor the successes and fails via methods including (but not limited to) Analytics traffic, keyword rankings and conversion reports. This information then helps to adjust the strategy when required and for you to see what works and what doesn’t.

But, when it comes to blogging, do you take the same approach?

Blogging success

If you are not also monitoring the success of your blog posts, how can you expect your reach and interaction to grow? In the same way that you would want to streamline your SEO efforts, it is also paramount to include your blog in the equation and here’s why:

Content is King

As the old saying goes, ‘Content is King’, which can be seen more prominently with every Google update that rolls out. At the forefront of any marketing strategy, powerful content will attract new eyes and help your business to grow, as well as doing a pretty good job at positioning you as an expert in your given niche.

Increase Traffic / Sales

By curating informative and high quality content for your blog, you can attract more traffic to your website. This gives you the opportunity to pull in a wider audience and the chance to to turn new visitors into customers, increasing both your sales and reach.

Attract more links

As an ecommerce business, it is doubtful that many people will link directly to your products of free will, as a flat product page doesn’t really scream share-ability does it? (unless you are in the fashion / beauty or similar niche). Having a blog helps you to increase inbound links to your site tenfold when done right. Creating shareable content that is relatable to your products will increase links and social shares, which not only increase traffic to your site, but your credibility and authority as well.

Use Social as Market Research

Interacting with customers is an Integral part of growing any business, or for understanding what your target audience respond to. With the power of social media only being a tweet, pin or status update away, tap into your customers’ directly and share your blogs posts via your social accounts and encourage interaction for some real-time market research / feedback, which will help to improve both future marketing and blog post content.

Measuring Blog Post Performance

Going back to the task at hand, the four reasons above are testament to why it is important to monitor the performance of your blog posts.

Just think, you could have been writing uninteresting and unshareable blog posts for the past 12 months. On topics that your customers simply don’t care about. When instead, you could have been putting out high quality, shareable blog content that would have been increasing visitors to your site, generating more sales, attracting inbound links and igniting more people to talk about your business and share your products.

If you are not currently monitoring your blog post performance, I would urge you to start doing so today. When you know what content works best for your business and helps you to interact with customers, increases sales and grow your business reach. You know that you are on to a winner.

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