3 WordPress Plugins to make your life easier

WordPress is a wonderful CMS, as it helps to create websites quickly and to a high standard. But it can sometimes be a little difficult to the novice user. By adding some of the following plugins it can be easily operated by anyone, from masters to novices! These are just a few of the plugins that WordPress offers, as there are a huge number of plugins to choose from.

Visual Composer

Visual Composer is a page builder plugin that will help you to easily create quick, responsive layouts for your pages. It has simple to use controls and multiple settings to choose from. It can be used on ANY WordPress theme, allowing you the freedom to have a unique design. It has a large amount of different content elements from text blocks and images areas to eye catching post sliders and carousels. It is 100% mobile ready to make it easier when creating responsive layouts.

Visual Composer also offers a large amount of Add-ons to improve the already great plugin to suit your needs even more.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is a free plugin which allows you to keep on top of your Search Engine Optimisation, by giving you an easy to use system that helps you improve your site visibility. From post titles, meta descriptions, robots meta configuration, permalink cleanup and much more. It offers everything you need to keep your website on the top of Google’s list!

This is a must have plugin for those who want to have their site seen by all!


Duplicator is a great plugin, which offers an easy to use site duplication and backup tool. It is a great way to move your site from one domain to the other easily, with just a few clicks. It is a must have for a developer that may be moving sites from test servers.

There are many other plugins that can help improve your WordPress experience, hopefully these few will improve the way you use WordPress, they have certainly helped me along the way!

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